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List Of Part-Time Jobs for Students from UK That Pay Really Well

10 Apr 2019

Who’d like to have more pocket money? I know I would. Finding the best part time jobs for students UK is your ticket to easy street. But entering the workforce is more than just money. Gaining real work experience will teach vital skills and open doors in the future. Working is a valuable experience you’ll have for life. But what if you’re not sure you’ll find any opportunities. Having confidence is the first ingredient to success. Most students don’t know where to begin. This is a common issue students experience. So if you’re in a rut of where to begin, read our tips below and start your journey to join the ranks of the rich and famous.

Benefits Of Part Time Jobs For Students 

First and foremost, focus on experience and learning new skills. There are several well paid unskilled jobs for you to get your feet wet and earn extra money, but in the end transferable skills will yield the highest reward. Many proficiencies you don’t learn in the best universities in the UK are vital for the work place. You can learn to develop your soft skills which leads into people management. How to handle cash to demonstrate accuracy and integrity. As well as some tedious and routine functions to show you have determination and attention to detail. These are just a few of the many things you can learn getting an introduction to a career. So whether you’re considering higher education vs further education starting on the right foot is important for your future.  

The Best Part Time Jobs For Students 

In the labour market, before you become a decider, you first need to demonstrate that you are an effective learner. Demonstrating proven experience that you can take direction and grow in a company is a promising start as you venture up the career ladder. Not to mention, don’t forget the importance of building a professional network and gaining credible references. When you graduate you’ll find it much easier to get your first serious position if you have something to talk about. So let’s get into the details. We’ve put together a list of the best paying part time jobs to get you movin’ on up and making your mark in the world.

Local Business Jobs 

Mum and pop shops are a great first stop if you have little to no experience. Small business tends to focus more on your personal qualities. Larger corporations tend to have a bureaucratic check list that makes it difficult for newbies to get in the door. Let’s take a look at some easy well paid jobs local business has to offer.  

  • Coffee house Barista: Many coffeehouses liter the streets of any major city in the UK. No matter where you study, from London to Edinburgh, you’ll find a slew of coffee shops in need of help. You’ll learn great customer service, how to handle cash as well as working under pressure (we all know what rush hour at the coffee shop is like). You’ll earn a respectable £7 an hour and have fun in the process.
  • Food Delivery: Delivering food is a great way to learn all the nooks and crannies of a city. You’ll demonstrate you can meet deadlines, overcome obstacles and prove you have a good memory. Whether you work by auto or bicycle you’ll demonstrate you have effective time management skills. This job pays around £6-7 an hour plus tips.
  • Shop Assistant: Many vital skills are obtainable working in a shop. Handling cash, inventory control, and record keeping just to name a few. The diversity of this work ensures you’ll have a lot to do and won’t get bored easily. Expect to spend your downtime stocking shelves and during busy hours you may have to operate the cash desk. Salaries are generally around £8-9 an hour. If you stick with it, promotions can come quickly leading to one of the best paying jobs for students.
  • Office assistant: There are many small businesses that require an extra hand to take care of the small things, especially small consulting firms. This is one of the easy high paying jobs UK to get into. Duties can range from organizing files, preparing presentation handouts, taking calls, to running to get lunch for the office. Being the office gopher will teach you how to multi-task in a fast changing environment. The tasks may be a bit mundane but somebody has to do them. You can expect about £8 an hour with this work.
  • Cashier: This could be one of the best paid jobs for students. Cash handling is a vital skill employers regard highly. It demonstrates your attention to detail and reliability. You can expect to make about £7 an hour with this choice.

Startup/Office Jobs

  • Customer service: Do you enjoy working with people and solving problems? If so this is the job for you. It is one of the best paying jobs for students. Working with customers is a great competency to put on your resume. Not to mention, if you get in with the right outfit you can make upwards to £10 an hour to start.
  • Student advisor: Are you familiar with the inner workings of your university? Try taking on a job as a student advisor. You can guide new students into enrolling for classes, how to find activities and resources around campus. Get paid to solve peoples problems. At £11-13 an hour this is one of the jobs that pays well.
  • Sales manager: Generating revenue for a company can be quite exciting... and rewarding. These careers are usually based on commission so it’s one of the easiest jobs to get into. Learn to negotiate, overcome rejection and obtain your potential.
  • Copywriter: Having a gift of words is a talent that can get rewards. Deadlines are important so you’ll need time management skills. If you excel in a subject matter you may even qualify to work for an essay writing service. The work-flow can be up and down but you won’t have someone breathing over your shoulder as long as you produce good content and get your work in time. Overall it is one of the least stressful jobs UK.
  • Receptionist: Learn to be the face of the company and work with customers as well as external business partners. If you have a professional appearance and a pleasant attitude consider yourself hired.

Paid Internships

Internships are integral to gaining work experience. Most will pay between £8-10 per hour making them high paying part time jobs.

  • Legal assistant: For those studying law, an internship at a leading law firm will stand out on your resume. Work with real case files, pull up common law rulings and organize materials for the counselor.
  • Financial analyst: This prestigious career is hard to break into, so unless you want to start your finance career posting cash and reconciling bank statements, try to get an internship with a seasoned FA.
  • Lab assistant: Science is exciting and nothing beats working in the lab where it all comes together. Whether you’re in biology or pharmacology. Demonstrating an ability to meet the requirements of the industries leading scientists is experience that will weigh heavily in your favor.
  • Advertising: The right products will sell themselves, but first they need to be known to the world. Develop your product knowledge and presentation skills to make a killer ad campaign with this internship.  
  • QA intern: The IT field is highly competitive and only qualified candidates will get the best jobs. QA is in high demand and will give you experience working with project management methodologies, test cases, and software backlogs through programs like Jira and Redmine.

Work-study Jobs 

  • Online tutors: We all have our strength and weakness’. What better way to show your strengths than to tutor others. Proven experience to train others in subject matter will go a long way in your career.
  • Event organiser: Universities have lots of events from student study programs, lectures, to graduations. Show off you can focus on the details with the big picture in mind with strategic planning, public communications and ensuring all goes well.
  • Athletics: College sports are fundamental in many educational institutions. While you study you can earn with your teams athletic departments bringing your teams to the championship matches.
  • University paper: If you have a knack for writing articles you can show off your skills working for the uni gazette. Learn how a real news room operates as well as professional standards you can apply to your future career.
  • Cafeteria crew: We all have to eat and with your knowledge of food sanitation standards and ensuring quality of product you can earn while you learn at almost any university in the UK.

Paid Summer Jobs 

  • Lifeguard: Bring your sun screen and sit by the pool or shore ensuring safety. You’ll learn how to save lives, CPR and get a killer tan in the process.
  • Camp counselor: This is a dream job for the outdoor enthusiasts. Especially if you like children. Sing, dance, trek through nature and mentor children through the camp program and explore far off places in the great outdoors.
  • Nanny: While school is out parents are often on the hunt for a good caretaker for their children. Demonstrate you are responsible and trustworthy. Often times the Mums and dads will provide events for you to take the children to as an added bonus.
  • Tour guide: Are you a buff on your local community? Can you show tourists the city secrets of London? Get experience entertaining guests to the city on an urban safari.
  • Parking attendant: Can you parallel park with a foot to spare? Hop in a Jaguar or a Bentley at some posh hotels and restaurants to tend to guest’s vehicles. Not everyone will trust you to park their car so get behind the wheel learn a bit about guest services.

How To Balance Between Work And Study?

Work and study can be quite a challenge for any student. With the demands of your studies in addition to real life responsibilities it can be nearly impossible to make it all happen. When you find yourself a rock in a hard place, opt for the services of professional writers who can release your burden. You’ll find professional writers can get the work done to the highest standards at an exceptional speed. For sure you’ll enjoy the free time online essay services provide.

If you do decide to tackle your tasks on your own. Set a calendar. This is the most useful tool at your disposal. Set aside times for studying and stick to it. You’ll find as you accomplish your tasks, you’ll increase your motivation and thus your productivity.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Gaining knowledge in the labour market and getting some pocket money doesn’t have to be too difficult. All these positions can be located on many online job portals or at your institutions employment office. If you’re still stuck, increase your chances with high paying jobs no one wants UK to walk in the door and start making some cash.

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