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How to Write an Essay Introduction That Glues Reader’s Attention

12 Jun 2019

It’s not easy learning how to write an essay introduction that can really hook the reader. This is especially true when you’re working with a very technical topic. In this article, we’re going in-depth into essay introductions: what exactly it is, what it should include and how long the typical one should be. Furthermore, we’ll give you examples of what a good essay introduction should look like.

What Is The Introduction In An Essay?

As the name implies, it is how you introduce the content of your paper. A good introduction grasps the attention of the reader from the get-go and builds up expectations about the content. Often times it is a road map, briefly detailing what is included so that someone does not have to read the entire text if they merely want to get an idea.

Why Is The Introduction So Important?

Without an introduction, the reader doesn’t know what exactly the essay is going to be about. If the reader does not have the patience to delve further into the content to find out, then you’re going to lose their interest. Imagine reading a scientific essay without knowing what the topic is or without any background information on it? If you’re not knowledgeable in that particular field then chances are that you’re not going to understand anything at all.

Also, the introduction of an essay is where you introduce your stance on the topic, in the form of a thesis statement. When it comes to persuasive, debate and critical essays, this is absolutely crucial because it forms the basis of the entire paper. Once the readers know your stance, they can anticipate the direction the piece will take.

What Should An Introduction Include?

Here are the things that most introductory paragraphs should have:

  1. A catchy opening line/hook
  2. Introduction of the topic
  3. Thesis Statement

What Is A Hook?

Think of your introduction as a first impression! If you want to seem favorable in the eyes of a stranger you need a strong opening. You might provide a witty anecdote, an astonishing statistic or a hard-hitting question in your opening lines. Your choice should be appropriate for the topic you have chosen.

Here’s an example of a good opening line:

“According to a survey in 2017, about 450 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the US alone. It’s safe to say that most of the world seems to be running on caffeine.”

Catchy opening lines may be more important for certain types of essays than others. For instance, when dealing with persuasive essay topics UK, students find hooks quite useful. It makes it easier for students to convince the reader about a particular side of the argument.

Why Is It Important To Introduce The Essay Subject?

A lot of students might argue that the title should be enough to let the reader know what the essay is about. However, most readers require some background information on the topic to really cement their understanding of it. The essay topic sentence is where you would usually do this. Make sure that you don’t use complex words or phrases when explaining the topic. The priority is ease of comprehension.

What Is A Thesis Statement?

Simply put, this is a statement which expresses your position on the topic.

How Many Definitions Should An Introduction Include?

You should merely define the topics at the beginning of essays.

Should There Be An Outline Of Arguments In The Introduction?

Not necessarily. Your stance is what’s important.

Should The Quality Of The Introduction Be Dependent On Topic Importance?

Each topic, regardless of how mundane it might seem, needs a proper introduction.

What Kind Of Essay Introduction Phrases Should I Use?

That is entirely dependent on the topic and time of the essay. For example, if you’re trying to convince the reader of the importance of recycling, you might start off with an alarming statistic about waste. If you’re having trouble with your starting sentences, you should consider consulting a college essay writing service. However, make sure that you request samples of previous work so that you can check whether they’re qualified.

How Long Should An Introduction Be?

It depends on how heavy the content is and what the essay structure is. For instance, if it totals up to five pages, then the introduction to essay could be about half a page. In contrast, if the entire essay goes up to about a hundred pages, then the introduction could be five to seven pages long. In short, an introduction should be just as long as it needs to be.

What Are The Best Words To Start An Essay Introduction?

Again, it depends on what your topic is and what kind of essay you’re writing. It also depends on what emotion you’re trying to elicit from the reader. For example, ‘did you know?’ could be effective if surprise is your objective.

Examples Of Essay Introduction

Here are some examples to help you with writing an introduction:

Reflective Essay

For example: “My experience backpacking through Scandinavia left me with a new outlook on life and a newfound appreciation for the outdoors. For someone like me, who spends his days in lecture halls or in a tiny dormitory, traversing the vast open plains, mist-shrouded mountains and the woods of Norway and Sweden, felt like walking into an entirely new world. Not all the nature documentaries of the world could have prepared me for such a refreshing experience.”

Compare And Contrast

Before Charles Darwin put forward his theory of evolution, it was largely believed that we were the products of some divine hand. While genesis theories from old myths such as those hailing from Greece and Scandinavia have fallen out of the debate, the Bible still holds some sway. While believers of the latter do attempt to present scientific evidence for their case, there’s no doubt that the theory of evolution has the clear upper hand.

Discursive Essay

When it comes to school uniforms, there are many pros and cons. On one hand, it unifies all students and ensures that clothing doesn’t become grounds for discrimination. On the other, it restricts students’ freedom to express themselves.

When it comes to writing an introduction for an essay, students have their work cut out for them. They have to ensure that it is compelling enough to intrigue the reader, has a clear stance and explains the topic. In this article, we’ve gone into detail about introductions: what they are, what they are comprised of and how long they should be, typically.

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