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How To Write A Good Topic Sentence?

23 Jun 2019

The first sentence in every paragraph of your academic assignment is called a topic sentence. Learning how to write a topic sentence guarantees that readers will understand what you’re talking about. Just because you have enough academic knowledge, doesn’t mean that you can convey the right message to interested readers. As a matter of fact, your wrong choice of words can cause a huge misunderstanding, affect the quality of your writing, and even result in your professor’s request to repeat this task. 

Can this be avoided? Yes. Writing a topic sentence according to proper rules and guidelines will allow you to present your ideas clearly. Readers will understand the purpose of every paragraph and value of pieces of evidence that you provide. Using adequate and interesting words will have a huge impact on the success of your academic writing. 

What Is A Topic Sentence And Its Purpose?

Before asking how to write a topic sentence, you should understand what it is. Most students write this statement at the beginning of a paragraph, but this is not necessary. As a matter of fact, the most important thing is to make sure that it’s the focal point or highlighted statement in your paragraph. It’s the first thing that readers will notice while reading your paragraph. 

It tells readers what your next paragraph is about. Some students get confused when comparing a topic sentence with a thesis sentence. There are a few things to notice while comparing thesis statement vs. topic sentence. 

A thesis statement is the main idea of your whole essay or paper. It’s the core of your research and what you’re trying to prove throughout an essay or paper using relevant pieces of evidence. Students who learn how to write a research paper properly should pay attention while writing a thesis statement. A topic statement appears at the beginning of each paragraph. This means that you have to think of all information and data presented in each section and write one that delivers the correct meaning to readers. 

How To Make A Good Topic Sentence

It should be clear, short, and interesting. This helps readers understand the meaning of all information provided and how they relate to evidence. 

  1. Pick good topic sentence starters

Use all the tips you learned while learning how to write an essay introduction to create an interesting topic sentence. Use a hook or an interesting quote to engage readers and tempt them to read each paragraph carefully. Be wise with words and avoid confusing readers when you’re creating your topic statement. A paragraph topic sentence determines whether readers will be interested in reading the rest of your assignment or not. Topic sentence starters play a crucial role when you’re working on an assignment. Missing those means that readers will lose interest in your task. 

  1. Use transition words

Every essay topic sentence serves as a transition between the previous paragraph and the next. Using transition words helps readers stay focused while reading a paper or essay. All paragraph should blend seamlessly with the rest of your assignment. This means that you should follow the same writing style and use the same voice to make sure that your entire writing feels coherent and solid. Don’t use the same transition words at the beginning of every paragraph topic sentence. This bores readers and also shows that you lack the necessary vocabulary that you need to express your ideas. Use a variety of them and show off your writing skills. 

  1. Take advantage of the PowerPoints

If you’re done worrying about creating a topic sentence, you can keep readers focused by leaving it on the slide. Using PowerPoint is a useful tool for essay and paper writing. Readers don’t expect to see your entire presentation on a screen when you’re discussing your research. Leaving the topic sentence will keep them focused and eliminate confusion that an audience is likely to feel when they’re listening to your words. As you combine general and specific ideas in your topic sentence for research paper, make sure that readers understand all concepts you’re discussing. 

  1. Come up with a controlling idea

The best topic sentences don’t only summarize the main idea of the paragraph, but they also state your opinion about it. When students learn how to write a topic sentence, they should also understand the meaning of the controlling idea. Make sure that it’s clear and obvious. In your paper or essay, you’re not just listing information. Readers should understand what you think about the subject. The controlling idea helps readers identify the purpose of the whole paragraph, link it to other sections of the text, and understand the overall reason for academic writing. After reading your topic statement, professors, readers, and other interested parties should understand your feelings and attitude regarding every paragraph topic. Remember that stating your voice helps readers understand your viewpoint and relate to it. 

Topic sentence examples

Let’s face it: lots of students simply don’t know how to write a topic sentence. They spend much time working on an assignment and might miss crucial grades because they don’t write a proper intro sentence. Of course, smart students don’t let anything stop them, and from achieving their dreams, so they consider websites where professional authors write essays for money. However, if you prefer to learn how to write a topic sentence, you should practice how to do it like a pro. 

Here is a useful example:

Living with pets is enjoyable, but requires lots of effort. 

In this statement, you’ve stated your opinion about your main idea and explained that your next paragraph talks about the life of pet owners. Readers expect to read more information about how hard or difficult life can be if they own a pet. 

When you learn how to write a topic sentence, you give readers a clear glimpse of what they’re about to read. They’re going to stay focused and will enjoy reading your paper or essay. Make sure that you practice frequently so you can master it and improve your overall grades.

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