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Nursing Dissertation Topics For UK Researchers In Any Field

03 Jun 2019

When trying to come up with nursing dissertation topics UK college students often have a hard time. Nursing is such an exciting, diverse field in the world of healthcare; an amalgam of several different practices from performing tests to being a professional buffer between the patient and doctor. Anyone looking to write a dissertation paper about this field will not be disappointed. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can choose the best nursing dissertation topics, as well as how you can improve your academic writing skills.

How To Choose A Nursing Dissertation Topic?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing research topics in nursing:

  • Avoid difficult ones – a lot of students think that they can impress their lecturers by picking up very advanced topics. More often than not, this tends to backfire when students find that they lack the time, skill or knowledge to do justice to it. In the end, you won’t be able to write a powerful dissertation and your lecturers are going to end up disappointed.
  • Avoid those that require a lot of research – if you go with a topic that involves copious amounts of investigation and analyses, you’re going to end up being overwhelmed. Worse, you might not be able to submit your work before the deadline. Hence, before you finalize your idea, we urge you to consider the scale of the research required. Do you have to interview hundreds of patients or administer thousands of tests? If so, do you have the time to perform all of it and write the dissertation as well?
  • Choose a topic that you’re passionate about – you’re going to do your best work on the nursing dissertation if the topic involves something that interests or excites you. You’ll be much eager to do to the research and even tackle the more tedious work with a more positive attitude.
  • Research a few topics beforehand – even though this sounds redundant, it might save you a lot of time, effort and resources in the long run. Often students get started on a topic, only to realize later that it is too difficult or time-consuming. Hence, before you commit to one idea, it’s best to go in-depth into all the details.

In fact, you may want to conduct literature reviews on the topics you’re considering. If you don’t have the time or don’t know how to write a literature review UK, writing agencies can help you with that. However, make sure you confirm their validity and aptitude before you commit to them.

List Of Relevant Dissertation Topics

Still having trouble coming up with a topic? Don’t worry, because here are some nursing dissertation ideas in a few different niches.

Child Related Topics (Pediatric Nursing)

  • Could pediatric health programs have a positive impact on child obesity?
  • The effectiveness of the communication model in the pediatric ward
  • Should a master’s degree be made mandatory for all pediatric nurses?
  • The role of pediatric nurses in family consolation.
  • Should patient care roles be extended for pediatric nurses?
  • Evaluating procedure for allocating nurses to the pediatric ward
  • Evaluation of current pain management techniques in pediatric nursing
  • Evaluating current nursing guidelines for treating a child with autism
  • Do the opinions of pediatric nurses influence parents’ decision to vaccinate their children?
  • The prevalence of child abuse in hospitals by pediatric nurses.

Critical Care Related Topics

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current rehabilitation plans for stroke patients
  • The increased levels in stress experienced by critical care nurses in comparison to other nursing departments
  • Evaluating the barrier of entry to critical care nursing
  • The prevalence of depression in critical care nurses
  • Evaluating aptitude in life support systems among critical care nurses
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the patient interaction techniques employed by critical care nurses
  • Evaluating aptitude in assessing critical conditions
  • Prevalence of fatal nursing mistakes in the critical care ward
  • Predicting the demand for critical care nurses over the next decade
  • Stress management techniques employed by critical care nurses

Management Related Topics

  • Care-based versus problem-based learning for teaching new recruits
  • Is financial knowledge crucial for employees in health care management positions?
  • Most effective administrative control methods for critical nursing department
  • Common managerial mistakes made by nursing management
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of management techniques used during an epidemic
  • Evaluating the criteria for promoting a nurse to a management position
  • The impact of poor management techniques on the quality of patient care
  • Parallels between nursing management and management in the corporate world
  • Limitations of the authority of nurses when it comes to patient diagnosis and medication administration
  • Enforcing professionalism in a hospital environment.

Oncology Related Topics

  • Participation in research among oncology nurses
  • Evaluating information dissemination techniques to patients
  • Prevalence of chemotherapy administration mistakes among oncology nurses
  • Evaluating the effect of pain management techniques for chemotherapy patients over the past decade
  • The importance of empathetic communication for oncology nurses
  • The mental health repercussions of breaking bad news to oncology patients
  • The contributions of oncology nurses to furthering knowledge about cancer
  • Does working in the oncology department desensitize nurses?
  • The prevalence of depression among oncology nurses
  • How the existence of oncology nurses has changed the patient-doctor relationship.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Evaluating the nursing guidelines for handling schizophrenic patients
  • Should mental health nurses be taught self-defense?
  • The effectiveness of consoling techniques used on families of mental health patients
  • Differences in adult and pediatric mental health nursing techniques
  • The increased risk of depression in mental health nursing departments
  • The prevalence of ‘burn-out’ incidents among mental health nurses
  • Evaluating the involvement of nurses in psychotherapy
  • The adaptability of mental health nurses to new psychotherapy techniques
  • Evaluating the tendency of nurses to physically abuse mental health patients
  • Evaluating nursing guidelines for dealing with hostile mental health patients.

Neonatal Related Topics

  • Advances in post-natal care for neonatals suffering from jaundice
  • The change in neonatal mortality rates in Southeast Asian hospitals over the past decade
  • The effect of neonatal deaths on the mental health of pediatric nurses
  • Evaluating knowledge of neonatal hygiene practices among nurses
  • The prevalence of neonatal deaths resulting from hospital accidents
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of emergency care models in neonatal nursing departments
  • Prevalence of negligence among neonatal nurses
  • How sensitivity training can improve job performance among neonatal nurses
  • The prevalence of preferential treatment for neonates based on ethnicity by nurses
  • Evaluating the risk of transmission of infections from nurses to neonates.

How To Write A Nursing Dissertation?

Here are some tips to help you write the best dissertation on a topic based on nursing fields.

Draw Up An Outline First

Don’t even think about writing your first draft before you’ve worked out what sections you’re going to include and what arguments you’re going to present.

Hook The Reader With An Intriguing Topic Sentence

Hook sentences are the real challenge. Creating a topic sentence that will make a reader interested in the content of your dissertation isn’t easy. You can’t make it too informal (a dissertation isn’t a blog post) but neither can you fill it up with jargon. Try using simple phrases but maintain a tone that remains within the bounds of being professional.

Focus On Structure

If your dissertation isn’t properly structured then it’s going to read awkwardly. Hence, make sure that you following an acceptable introduction, body and conclusion format so that the content flows well from start to finish.

Get Some Help

Nursing research is quite tough and there’s certainly no shame in asking for help. Even if your lecturers or peers aren’t able to assist, all you need to do is fire up your web browser and type in ‘do my dissertation’ and you’ll have access to a variety of qualified writing services. Make sure you read customer reviews and check out their writer profiles before committing to anything.

Because healthcare is such a diverse field, it can be challenging to come up with ideas to write a dissertation on. In this article, we’ve discussed some tips when it comes to picking the right topic and have given you loads of dissertation ideas for a variety of medical care niches. Finally, with our tips for writing a dissertation, you should have an easier time getting the work done.

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