Best Scholarships For International Students in UK (+ Application Tips)

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading universities. Any student who has ever dreamed of studying abroad, especially in the UK, knows that the financial aspects can become a serious impediment. When you consider tuition costs, flights, health insurance, and visa, the costs involved seem prohibitive. Thankfully, there are plenty of scholarships for international students in the UK. If you’d like to know which scholarships you are eligible for and how to access them, we are here to help.  

The best UK scholarships for international students

Many universities in the UK have scholarships available for international students. The eligibility criteria differ, but if you want to study at the best universities in the UK, this is where you should start your research.

Gate Cambridge Scholarships

Level: Postgraduate

Field: Global

Outstanding students from any country outside the UK can apply for Gates Cambridge Scholarships. The scholarships to study in UK allow students to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject from the University of Cambridge. The monthly stipend covers travel expenses, visa and immigration costs, and tuition fees.

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

Level: Undergraduate

Field: Global

The Denys Holland Scholarship is one of the few scholarships awarded to undergraduate students from any country who want to study at The University College London but cannot secure funding on their own. Students receive a study grant of 9,000 GBP which they can either use to pay the tuition fees or for living expenses.

LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme at the London School of Economics

Level: Undergraduate

Field: Global

London School of Economics has a scholarship programme for undergraduate studies to help excellent international students who don’t have the funds to cover the costs of study. The scholarship UK varies according to the financial profile of each applicant.

There are several university scholarships UK for international students that vary from year to year. Each university provides support to international students and has a funding database where you can find unique opportunities. These universities do not always offer scholarships before the beginning of the study programme but provide plenty of opportunities for enrolled students to obtain funding and scholarships according to their academic performance. Scholarships for masters UK are not as common as in other European countries, but there are attractive opportunities. To make sure you secure a scholarship or a bursary, you can rely on a custom assignment writing service to help you present yourself with an impeccable application.

UK government scholarships

If the institution of your choice does not offer scholarships or only offers a few, there are also several opportunities provided by the UK government and other prestigious British institutions that give international students a chance to study in the UK. If you’re interested in master’s scholarships UK, government programmes are your best bet.

Chevening Scholarships

Level: Master’s degree

Field: Global

Chevening Scholarships are a global scholarship programme instituted by the UK government to help outstanding scholars from eligible countries study towards a one-year Master’s degree in the UK. The scholarships usually cover tuition fees, living costs, and travel costs to the UK.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Level: Master’s degree

Field: Global

If you are from a developing Commonwealth country, the Commonwealth Scholarships can help you study for a Master’s degree in the UK. Funded by the UK Department for International Development, the scholarships cover travel costs to and from the UK, tuition fees, exam fees, arrival allowance, and a living expenses allowance.  

Royal Society Grants

Level: Postgraduate

Field: Sciences

The Royal Society is a British independent scientific academy that offers scholarships to talented students in an attempt to promote excellence in science and research. The institution has offered fellowships to the world’s most acclaimed scientists and researchers.

The Global Study Awards

Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Field: Global

The Global Study Awards is a scholarship programme developed as a result of a partnership between Studyportals, ISIC, and the British Council. The university grants UK consists of 10,000 GBP awarded to talented international students looking to study abroad and explore new cultures and languages to expand their understanding of the world.

Euraxess UK

Level: Postgraduate

Field: Global

Euraxess UK is a programme developed by the British Council with the aim of helping excellent researchers develop an international career. The programme provides mobility support for those looking to move to the UK, along with a funding database.

How to get a scholarship in the UK and apply for it?

If you wonder how to get a scholarship UK, the first step is to research the scholarships available for your level of study and field of interest. Since each university offers different scholarships, consider your options carefully and see whether your personal goals align with the available offers.

After checking the requirements, start gathering documents for the application. An important aspect of this process is writing a powerful personal essay where you express your motivation for studying in the UK as well as the skills and achievements that make you the perfect candidate.

Scholarship deadlines are often a couple of months before the start of the programme. Before applying for scholarships, however, you need to apply for a course at the institution that interests you. Once accepted for the programme, you can start sending your application for scholarships. If you don’t receive a scholarship, don’t get discouraged. There is a possibility to support yourself by taking part time jobs in the UK.  

Difference between scholarship and bursary

A scholarship is financial aid awarded based on a student’s academic excellence or sports achievement. Scholarships vary widely, depending on the institution or organization that awards them and the criteria it has established for eligibility. Personal circumstances also play a role, but your career aspirations and interests carry more weight than your financial situation.

A bursary is financial aid awarded to students who are in urgent need of financial help to continue their studies. Bursaries are often awarded by organizations focused on social causes who want to help students from low-income backgrounds. If you’re looking for a UK bursary for international students, contact organizations that match your profile directly.

International students looking to study in the UK have a high chance of getting a scholarship that could cover their tuition fees and living costs. Besides offering top academic opportunities, the UK supports high achievers from countries all over the world who are unable to secure their own funding but will want to get a world-class education.

There are various UK scholarships, and depending on your background and academic performance, applying for a scholarship is a straightforward process that can lead to incredibly rewarding results.