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The Fun Essay Checker

Meet Robot Don - a free essay checker software that brings so much fun into your essay editing / proofreading

  • What robot don is up to?

    Robot Don does virtually all the things your professor does, that is, checks your essay for:

    1. Plagiarism
    2. Thin content
    3. Readability
    4. Words stuffing
    5. Text relevance to the topic
    6. Language use
  • Robot Don gives you a score

    Except for Robot Don is fun and he messes with Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne essays - not the average thing for a robot or your professor!

    And its free.

  • What does he do with essay drafts?

    Here’s a bit of insights of how it looks in the end - Robot Don has analyzed the recent essay by Cara Delevingne . This essay was made public and Don thought it is OK to show himself off about it. Anyway, in case with your essay he won’t do this. Robot Don respects your privacy and never uses your text or any part of it for purposes other than analysis itself.

  • Can someone fool Robot Don?

    Good question. We are pretty confident about his abilities. His analysis is up to the points and score he would give your essay is true. Wanna try fool him? Here’s the deal. If none of the comments he made was replicated by our professor or the score is wrong, Robot Don will give you £1.62. How does it sound?

  • Can Robot Don give suggestions on what needs to be improved?

    Yes, he can. In fact, he loves it. Yet, he is a bit sophisticated that’s why he needs Michiell, a human pal, to make himself clear. Send a message together with your drafts to Michiell and get to experience how the two work together to give you brilliant results.

    Now, don’t be mean, say Hello to Robot Don now.

Already using Robot Don?

We are sure, you’ve liked him… Don is very smart for a robot indeed. Yet, he can’t evaluate the arguments in your essay.

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